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Bi-Fold Doors Leeds

An Elegant Space Saver for Your Leeds Home

Ultimate Space Saving in Your Leeds Home with Bi-Fold Doors

In case you’re wondering if bi-fold doors are the right choice for you, you’d be surprised how versatile they are. You might find yourself in a position where you have wide door apertures but not a great deal of space. On the other hand, you may have too much space and you want to divide it into manageable chunks.

Either way, bi-fold doors will help you manage your space optimally. These doors fold away to one side, so you get an unobstructed opening. Moreover, our exquisite aluminium bi-fold doors allow you to tailor the door to your home. Choose from a stunning selection of materials, colours, finishes and configurations to get the perfect door for your Leeds home.


Bi-Fold Doors Leeds

Bi-Fold Doors in Leeds

Excellent Material Choice

We offer bi-fold doors in contemporary aluminium. As a result, you can get exactly the right door for your needs. Aluminium gives you superb strength and long life with slimmer frames, as well as excellent thermal performance and an appearance that fits in with any property.


Bi-fold doors give you a wide entrance, making them great for wheelchairs and pushchairs. You can even opt for low thresholds to make them even more easily navigable.

Efficient Space Management

Bi-fold doors help you manage your space in two ways. First, they open up by folding to one side. This gives you a generous opening without having to worry about a swinging arc. Second, they help you divide and open up spaces inside your home. As a result, you get a better organised house!

Sleek Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors

Aluminium is an excellent material for bi-fold doors, with a variety of features and advantages. With aluminium, you get the benefit of the material’s exceptional strength, even with a lighter weight.

As a result, your doors are stronger and more secure. Moreover, the frames are slimmer. Because of this, you get more glazing without the frame blocking the view. Moreover, because they are so light, you can operate them easily. Finally, aluminium comes in a huge range of RAL colours to choose from, giving you greater choice!

Bi-Fold Doors Leeds

Long-Lasting Bi-Fold Doors in Leeds

At Kingfisher, you will always get good value for your money. This is why, when you buy our bi-fold doors, you know you’re getting a long-lasting product. Because of the robustness of aluminium, these doors can last you up to 40 years. Moreover, they do so with minimal upkeep.

However, it is not just the appearance that you’ll get. The doors are built and installed so perfectly that they’ll give you efficient service as well. In fact, we give you a 10 year performance guarantee!

Bi-Fold Doors as Wide as You Want

The biggest advantage of bi-fold doors is that they are made up of panels that can be folded to open. As a result, you can fit them on apertures of any width. You can even cover a whole wall with them! Moreover, since they fold discreetly, you get the use of up to 90% of the opening.

Fabulous Colour Choice

Our bi-fold doors come in such a stunning range of colour options that you’ll spoiled for choice. What’s more, the doors are given a protective coating so the colours don’t fade or peel. Your doors will look bright even after years, and most importantly, without much care.

Almost No Care Required

The high performance of our bi-fold doors is complemented by the fact that they require almost no care. At the most, you’ll need to wipe them with a cloth and some soapy water! No more sanding, polishing, or painting.

Great Heat Performance

If you want a warmer home without any draughts, our bi-fold doors will help you with it. We give you doors that are well-insulated and sealed against the weather. As a result, you save on heating bills, while keeping out the cold and even noise.

Bi-Fold Doors Leeds

Kingfisher’s Bi-Fold Doors for Peace of Mind

For us at Kingfisher, satisfied customers are very important. This is why we try to give you the best product along with exceptional service. We strive to give you a smooth process from start to finish. This includes everything from the time you get in touch with us till the final installation.

First, we do a complete survey of your property to assess your needs. This helps us help you make your final bi-fold doors selection. Then, we have our trained team install them efficiently and to industry standards. Moreover, we offer a 10 year guarantee from the manufacturer.

Bi-Fold Door Prices in Leeds

If you want economical bi-fold door prices in Leeds, you needn’t look anywhere else. At Kingfisher, you’ll get stunning doors at competitive prices.

For more information about our range of bi-fold doors and the right configuration for your Leeds property, contact us. Our team will help you make the right choice.

Alternatively, you can get an instant quote for your bi-fold doors using our online calculation system. This is a smart tool that asks you for your specifications. Then, it uses them to give you your tailored quote!

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