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Giving Old Windows New Life

Secondary Glazing, Bradford, Leeds

roseview secondary glazing

Offer More Choice To Your Customers

Trade Secondary Glazing

roseview secondary glazing

Secondary Glazing Services

Historic homes, listed properties, and homes with custom window designs all benefit from secondary glazing. 

Kingfisher Windows offers a secondary glazing service to homeowners across Bradford, Leeds, Halifax, Doncaster, Barnsley, Castleford and across Yorkshire. 

Our secondary glazing service is the solution if you are looking for a low-cost way to renovate older windows. We have been serving the nearby counties for well over three decades, so you can rely on our installation expertise for these second units. 

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Secondary Glazing Bradford, Leeds

Choose Kingfisher Windows for the lowest trade prices on secondary glazing products in Leeds. We always give you our best lead times and lowest prices and source the best secondary glazing options.

Our secondary glazing is able to offer customers with historic or listed homes a second layer of glass for their unique windows. 

If you’re interested in ordering panels of secondary glazing for your customers, you can view and print one of our window order forms here.

Features & Benefits

Improved Thermal Efficiency

Secondary glazing immediately makes your windows more energy efficient. An additional layer of thermally retentive glass is provided by adding a second “window” to your current system.

In the winter, this can help keep an older building at a temperature that is more naturally comfortable.

Secondary glazing is significantly less expensive than completely replacing or reglazing existing sliding sash windows.

Additionally, you might be able to reduce your heating costs month after month because heating particular rooms might require less energy. 


Having old, single-glazed windows can make soundproofing a daily hassle. You might be sacrificing your personal space and comfort at home, or even your quality of sleep.

Investing in our secondary glazing could solve all of those issues. An extra pane of glass between the sanctity of your home and the outside world greatly dampens any intrusive noise.

Additionally, our custom units are equipped with cutting-edge acoustic foam. This significantly enhances the soundproofing of your current windows. You can fully disconnect from outside noise, even in the busiest periods.

Fully Customisable

At Kingfisher, all of the secondary glazed units we install are custom-made. We have provided services for over 30 years, so we genuinely appreciate the value of custom home upgrades.

For the framework, you can choose from hundreds of RAL colour finishes and real wood grain options. Whether you want your secondary glazed unit to match the original framework or add a splash of colour, you are sure to find the ideal colour.

Additionally, you can choose from a variety of useful upgrades offered by our supply chains. This includes arches, rakes, and other shapes to produce a more realistic appearance.

Features & Benefits

Offer Thermal Protection

Windows that have secondary glazing immediately become more energy-efficient, which is a great selling point for your trade business. Furthermore, your clients might be able to save money on their heating bills each month because heating certain rooms might use less energy. 

Adding these windows to your product catalogue makes your business more versatile because you can offer a range of pricing options. Comparatively speaking, secondary glazing is much less expensive than entirely replacing or reglazing existing sliding sash windows.

Soundproof Client's Homes

Older houses can have problems with soundproofing because of their single glazing. Your client may not even realise that their pain points—disturbed sleep, a lack of privacy, etc.—could be due to their lack of double glazing.

That makes secondary glazing a great upgrade option for clients with older homes. We use state-of-the-art acoustic foam in our custom units. This greatly improves the windows’ soundproofing for a peaceful experience. The additional pane of glass that separates their quiet homes from the busy outside world greatly muffles any disruptive noise.

A Fully Bespoke Product

All of the secondary glazed units that Kingfisher provides are made to order. Because we have been in business for over 30 years, we know where to find the best products for your trade business. 

Your customers have access to hundreds of RAL colour finishes and real wood grain options for the framework. They are sure to find the perfect shade, whether they want your secondary glazed unit to blend in with the original framework or add a pop of colour.

Additionally, our supply chains offer a variety of helpful upgrades that they can select from. This includes arches, rakes, and other shapes to produce a more realistic appearance.

Expert Installation

We always offer a dependable installation service to guarantee that your new secondary glazing performs to the highest standards. We rely on our extensive experience to make sure your secondary glazing is the best addition to your house.

Poorly fitted windows can cause draughts, water infiltration, and a lack of security, endangering the efficiency and comfort of your house. We use contemporary installation methods to make sure your new window perfectly fits the frame you already have.

We collaborate with you to make sure your new home improvement solution is executed quickly and effectively. As a result, you will have more time and less stress to enjoy your new windows.

secondary glazing yorkshire

What is Secondary Glazing?

Typically, older homes just have single-glazing windows, which aren’t very thermally efficient. Secondary glazing is the process of adding a second “window” inside an existing window frame to turn single glazing into double glazing. 

Secondary glazed units are a sleek, thin layer that is essentially undetectable once installed. However, they can have a significant impact on a window’s overall performance.

Our systems come from Roseview, a leader in the field. Their system is specifically made to fit inside the original windows and comes with an aluminium framework.

secondary glazing leeds

Why Choose Secondary Glazing?

There are many advantages to secondary glazing. It enables you to keep the original sliding sash windows you installed while avoiding settling for subpar performance. You can enjoy better standards of thermal efficiency and soundproofing.

The secondary glazing we provide is made to adhere to the exacting standards of conservation areas. Living in a listed building and having trouble finding the right windows Adding secondary glazing to your current systems is a fantastic substitute for completely replacing your windows.

secondary glazing standard features

Standard Secondary Glazing Features

  • 4mm toughened glass
  • Capacity for glazing up to 12mm
  • High grade acoustic foam
  • Steel bearing rollers and clip locks (horizontal sliders)
  • Pre-tensioned Caldwell Spirex balances (standard VS)
  • Pre-tensioned Caldwell Torso2 balances (Deluxe Tilt VS)
  • Fully removable sashes (Deluxe Tilt VS)
  • Standard colours – white, brown, anodised
  • Discrete window furniture
  • Ancillary section to create combination units

secondary glazing optional features

Optional Secondary Glazing Features

  • Flush fit pre-finished timber subframe
  • Acoustic glass options
  • Thermal glass options
  • Arches, rakes, shapes
  • Any RAL colour (two week lead time)
  • Premium woodgrain finishes

A Range of Styles

By partnering with Kingfisher, you’ll be able to offer your clientele a variety of styles and colours for their secondary glazing. This gives your trade business an edge, providing more options to your customer and becoming their number 1 choice for secondary glazing.

To discuss becoming a trusted Kingfisher installer, give our team a call and we’ll talk you through all the benefits.

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Conservatory Roofs

Conservatory Roofs



A Range of Styles

Our team at Kingfisher offers secondary glazing in a variety of different styles and shapes. As standard, our secondary glazing comes in white, brown, and anodised colours with discrete window furniture for a seamless look. 

However, we do offer optional features, like the ability to produce secondary glazing in any RAL colour given a two-week lead time and premium woodgrain finishes.

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Conservatory Roofs

Conservatory Roofs



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Secondary Glazing Prices

With the help of our cutting-edge quoting tool, you can get a free, immediate, and extremely competitive secondary glazing price. With the help of this system, your price can be precisely adjusted to fit your needs and budget.

You can also use our online contact form to get in touch with us and speak with a member of our team directly. We will be happy to address any inquiries you may have about our secondary glazing, costs, or other services.

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Secondary Glazing Trade Prices

Consider including Kingfisher’s secondary glazing in your product lineup if you want to provide your customers with a high-quality item from a reputable supplier. With our extensive selection of design options and features, we can assist your customers in getting the exact look they desire.

Get in touch with us via our online contact form to speak to a member of our team directly. If you have any questions about our secondary glazing, trade prices, or anything else, please do not hesitate to ask.

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