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Suited to Your Harrogate Home

We pride ourselves on offering uPVC French Doors that are the perfect fit for your Harrogate home. As with all our uPVC Doors, you can customise the design to suit your property. We offer the uPVC profile in a range of colours and woodgrain foils, providing the perfect back door for your home. Whether you want to choose a bolder colour or something classical like a woodgrain foil, that’s entirely up to you.

Our French Doors can bee customised in more than just colour and woodgrain foils alone. You can choose from a variety of glazing options. With clear glass supplied as standard, the Harrogate homeowner can opt for different textures. This is the ideal option for North Yorkshire homeowners that want to flood their property with light but increase the privacy of their home.

Threshold Options

If you require easy pushchair or wheelchair access to your Harrogate home, our French Doors are ideal. The low threshold options allow for easy access without any risk of tripping. Unlike other back doors, the French design is made with a floating mullion which removes the need for a static door frame in the middle. This will not only offer increased accessibility to your North Yorkshire home but provide unrestricted views of your garden year-round. 

The flexible design of our French doors means they can be installed anywhere within your Harrogate property. Whether you want to link your property to your back garden or to a conservatory or extension, this door design is ideal. These uPVC doors can even be used to separate rooms in your home. For whatever function you choose for your French Doors, we will offer the perfect fit.

Lowering Your Energy Bills

As we use a quality uPVC profile, you’ll notice your French Doors help improve the thermal performance of your Harrogate home. The multi-chambered uPVC works alongside the panes of glazing. Together, they trap in pockets of warm air to create a comfortable temperature throughout the year. 

Throughout the year, even in the cold winter months, our French Doors will help to maintain a comfortable temperature in your Harrogate home. As your home retains its heat for longer, you’ll start to rely less upon your central heating for warmth. This will lead to lower energy bills. As your energy consumption reduces, so too will your home’s carbon footprint.

Modern Security

We take security extremely seriously when we manufacture our French Doors. That’s why we rigorously test them and fit multi-point locking across the frame. This eliminates any potential weak spots that could be exploited by would-be intruders. You can also choose to include toughened safety glass that provides further peace of mind that your Harrogate home has the best protection. 

Ultion Lock

For homeowners wanting the very best security for their French Doors, we offer the Ultion lock. This market-leading lock engages lockdown mode when it detects forced entry, with an attack lock activated into the central cam. This cam is secured with a molybdenum core and secured with a retaining pin.

If you want to make the security of your Harrogate home smarter, we offer the Smart Ultion lock. This lock works alongside Alexa, Apple & Samsung phones. You can set it up so when you approach the door, your phone unlocks the door automatically.

Weatherproof Design

Our French Doors are designed to keep the changeable North Yorkshire weather out of your Harrogate home. Unlike timber, the modern uPVC design excels where this material falters. Even in the harshest of weather, the comfort of your home will be maintained, with damp made an issue of the past. 

Even after constant exposure to the elements, our French Doors will maintain their quality. This door will never twist, bow, warp, rot, flake or crack. The colour itself is imbued within the profile and won’t need repainting. This means you don’t have to worry about buying paint and then doing it yourself.

Quality Guaranteed

After the installation of our French Doors in your Harrogate home, you’ll continue to experience our excellent level of customer service. We accompany all our uPVC doors with a comprehensive 10-year insurance-backed guarantee. If in the unlikely event something goes wrong with the door within this time, our team will endeavour to fix it.

French Door Prices Harrogate

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