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Aluminium Doors Pontefract

Upgrade your Pontefract home with our Aluminium Doors. We install a range of door styles across Pontefract & West Yorkshire. Reach out to our team today to get a quote for our aluminium doors.

 Modern Benefits for Your Home

Through investing in aluminium doors for your Pontefract home, you’ll enjoy a range of benefits. We install some of the best aluminium profiles in homes across West Yorkshire, helping to increase the weatherproofing, security and heat retention capabilities of your property. Unlike standard uPVC doors, the aluminium design offers far superior strength and quality.

Despite being perceived as only suited for modern properties, our aluminium doors fit every Pontefract home. A great replacement for steel, timber and even uPVC, aluminium doesn’t come attached with any high maintenance headaches. The West Yorkshire homeowner can currently choose from three aluminium door profiles for their home.

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Aluminium Patio Doors

The Aluminium Patio Door can be installed into any Pontefract property, including homes where space is limited. The customisable design of our aluminium doors means they can perfectly match every type of West Yorkshire home. This door is fitted with built-in anti-jacking technology, preventing would-be intruders from removing the pane from outside of your home.

Easy to Operate

When compared to uPVC or timber, aluminium doors offer a higher level of structural integrity. These doors are fitted with multi-roller wheels and an aluminium threshold, designed for continuous, easy opening for many years to come. Our aluminium doors, if maintained correctly, can offer 40-years of great use, with thorough testing carried out to ensure this is the case. 

Excellent Views

The slim frame of these aluminium doors allows the Pontefract homeowner to enjoy panoramic views of their garden. As well as flooding your West Yorkshire home with light, the door is perfect for homeowners with young children or pets. They can keep an eye on their loved ones playing in the garden from the comfort of indoors. Should anything happen to them, the homeowner will easily be able to see and quickly be able to act. 

Aluminium French Doors

Add a French touch to your Pontefract home with our Aluminium French Doors. These aluminium doors create a sleek exit from your property and great at connecting your home to a garden, to separate rooms within the house, or to access an extension. Designed with a floating mullion, it creates uninterrupted views of your West Yorkshire garden when the door is fully open. Optional low thresholds can be incorporated into the design, allowing for easy wheelchair and puschair access.

21st-Century Protection

As with all our aluminium doors, the Pontefract homeowner can have complete peace of mind their property is protected. French Doors previously had a reputation as an easy target for would-be intruders. By using the best aluminium profile and locking systems, this is no longer the case. Multi-point locking is fitted across the whole door, eliminating any potential weak spots that could be exploited by would-be intruders.

Weatherproof Design

Through using weatherseals within the design, our aluminium doors will keep the changeable Yorkshire weather at bay. The Pontefract homeowner won’t have to worry about cold draughts or damp from compromising the comfort of their home. Even in the worst weather, your home will have the best protection. 

Bifold Doors Cost Headingley

Aluminium Bifold Doors

Aluminium bifold doors are quickly becoming the back door of choice in homes across Pontefract. These aluminium doors offer a great way of connecting your home with your garden. Built with slimmer frames, these can accommodate large panes of glazing. When open, you can enjoy great ventilation within your property. When closed, you can enjoy a whole wall of glass and a panoramic view of your garden year-round.

Suited to Your Property

Our bifold doors are designed to suit every Pontefract home. As with all our aluminium doors, you can decorate the bifold design in any RAL colour, letting you match it to the style of your property. If you live in a more traditional property, woodgrain foils allow you to maintain the character of your home. Bolder colours are perfect for modern homes, letting your property stand out. 

Low Maintenance Design

Aluminium as a material won’t provide the Pontefract homeowner with any high maintenance headaches. These aluminium doors retain their quality for many years after installation. Even after regular exposure to the elements, the bifold doors won’t warp, bow, flake, twist, crack, rot or discolour. The only maintenance requires is to give the door an occasional wipe down with a damp cloth to maintain the good-as-new look.

Quality Guaranteed

Kingfisher Windows provides Pontefract customers with the peace of mind our aluminium doors are built to last. We do so by accompanying each door with a comprehensive 10-year insurance-backed guarantee. This gives the West Yorkshire homeowner the complete peace of mind their door is built to last. If in the unlikely event something goes wrong with the door within this time, our team will endeavour to fix it.

Aluminium Door Prices Pontefract

If you’d like to discuss getting our aluminium doors for your Pontefract home, contact our team today. You can call us on 01132 854 985 or fill out our online contact form.

For those who know which aluminium door style they need for their West Yorkshire property, start an online quote. Simply enter a few details to receive a bespoke estimate with no obligation to book.

Or why not book an appointment to see our aluminium doors in our Morley showroom. We are located at Unit T, Gildersome Spur, Morley, Leeds, West Yorkshire. Contact us to book an appointment today.

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