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Timber Doors Barnsley

Timber Doors Halifax

Elegant and Sturdy Timber Doors for Homes in Halifax

Elegant Timber Doors for Your Halifax Home

Traditional timber doors can be quite difficult to maintain. However, they also look quite elegant and classy. This is why we bring precision engineered timber doors for our Halifax customers. These doors give you all of the advantages of wooden doors, but with none of the problems.

These beautiful doors are available in a host of colours. What’s more, they also give superb protection and heat retention. They have a reinforced and insulated core. This allows them to give you thermal efficiency in addition to enhanced durability. As a result, you get a stunning looking home that performs efficiently.

Timber Doors Halifax

Precision Engineered Timber Doors in Halifax

Performance-Oriented Engineering

We offer you doors that are built to give you great features. Our timber doors have a solid Kerto Q core, with Sapele Mahogany lipping. These are complemented with Tricoya facings, to give you robust and hard-wearing doors.

Exclusive Style

To give you greater choice, we offer timber doors in 27 exclusive styles. Moreover, these are available in a choice of 21 colours. We even balance the designs to give you a selection of traditional and contemporary aesthetics.

Improved Protection

All our timber doors are reinforced with a sub-frame made of aluminium. This 3mm thick reinforcement makes our doors much stronger than others. As a result, you get a safer home. If, however, you want extra protection, you can even go for our Fire door variants.

Gorgeous Timber Doors from Masterdor

At Kingfisher, we only offer the very best. This is why we offer Halifax homeowners timber doors from Masterdor. As a result, you get the full benefit of their decades spent in the mastery of the craft. Their timber doors are a testament to their skill with timber and joinery.

Their timber doors aren’t just stunning to look at. They offer a host of glazing choices, so you get doors that look just the way you want them. Additionally, they have a tricoya facing that renders them quite resistant to water. Plus, they have no open joints or mitres. With the additional strength of aluminium, these doors give you superior strength and years of unflagging service.

timber doors Halifax

Hard-Wearing Timber Doors in Halifax

When you buy from us at Kingfisher, you can be sure to get the highest quality at the best price. Our premium range of timber doors from Masterdor is no different. With our hand-picked selection of styles and colours, we have something for everyone.

However, the biggest thing these timber doors offer is performance. The doors are designed to give you all of the features you’d want, including the perfect design. They help keep your home warm. What’s more, they offer unmatched protection. Moreover, these doors are built to be resilient, and can weather sunlight, rain, snow, and wind without rotting, or losing their looks.

Hardware Options for the Right Look

We understand that our customers have properties of all styles. This is why we offer a full spectrum of looks and finishes. As a result, we offer door furniture of all kinds. You can choose from painted heritage, premium heritage, as well as contemporary hardware.

Brilliant Colours & Selection

Our timber doors come in a selection of 21 brilliant colours to choose from. Additionally, these colours are as resilient as the doors themselves. The doors have two layers of water-based colour topped with two layers of undercoat. Finally, a microporous primer or topcoat protects the vibrant hue of your door.

Fire-Safe Doors

For safety in case of fire, we give our Halifax customers the fire door variant. These timber doors are designed to fend of flames for 30 to 60 minutes. As a result, you and your family get additional protection even in case of a fire disaster.

Choice of Two Slabs

Our timber doors are available in two slab thicknesses. Based on your needs, you can pick from a 4mm or 54mm thickness. As a result, you can get the perfect fit for your home.

Timber Doors Offering Peace of Mind

The Kingfisher way of business is reliant on ensuring complete customer satisfaction. We help you select the right product for your Halifax home. Then we install it in accordance with the highest industry standards. What we end up with is a loyal customer base who is thrilled with our exceptional service.

Our service is designed to give you complete satisfaction. Even though our installation is reliable and consistent, we offer complete post-sale protection. Our products come with a 10-year guarantee on performance. Additionally, if there is any problem with the installation of your timber doors, we will immediately come and fix it.

Timber Door Prices in Halifax

With our timber door prices in Halifax, you get unbeatable performance and stunning style. As a result, they provide amazing value.

To get a quick estimate of your timber door prices, feel free to use our online calculation system.

Alternatively, if you need additional help, get in touch with us. Our expert team is at hand, waiting to answer all your questions.

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