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Timber Doors Barnsley

Timber Doors Leeds

Stunning and Strong Timber Doors for Leeds Homes

Beautiful Timber Doors for Your Leeds Home

Authentic timber doors have one big drawback, which is the maintenance they require. In contrast, our precision-engineered timber doors give you all the benefits of timber doors but they don’t require much care. Additionally, you can get them in so many colours that won’t fade easily!

We also fit our doors with good-quality door furniture and locks. As a result, you get superbly secure doors that look stunning. Moreover, the insulated thermal core helps keep your home warm. This means you get all-round performance and looks for a better-functioning home!

Timber Doors Leeds

Engineered Timber Doors in Leeds

Geared for Performance

We build our timber doors to give you superior performance. You’ll find that they have a solid Kerto Q core, with Sapele Mahogany Lipping as well as Tricoya facings. These doors give you durability, strength, as well as water-resistance.

Choice of Designs

We offer a selection of 27 exquisite timber door styles. Moreover, you have a choice of 21 colours to pick from. Because we have a clever balance of traditional and contemporary, you are sure to find something for your home.

Better Security

The timber doors we offer are reinforced with sub-frame of aluminium. These are at least 3mm thick, and help make your door stronger. If you want even more protection, you can choose our Fire Door variants.

A Spectacular Range of Timber Doors from Masterdor

Masterdor is one of the best-known names for timber doors. This is because they have several decades of experience with wood and joinery. As a result, bring highly innovative products that are derived from their skill and knowledge. They have developed engineered wooden doors to eliminate the problems of traditional timber doors.

You can get them in the glazing of your choice, depending on the features you need. They are waterproof due to the Tricoya facing, as well as sealed joints and mitres. They have an aluminium sub-frame for better durability. In short, these are strong and long lasting doors that give you years of great performance.

Timber Doors Leeds

Long-Lasting Timber Doors in Leeds

At Kingfisher, we try to give you the finest products along with the best service. We don’t sell service. Instead, we sell solutions. As part of this endeavour, we present the stunning Masterdor range of engineered timber doors in Leeds.

This range looks beautiful, with the styles and 21 colour options we offer. However, they offer more than just good looks. You can get amazing performance with our timber doors. They will protect your home from intruders and the weather. They will also maintain their appearance even with exposure to the elements.

Customised Look

When you’re planning the look of your home, the colour of the door isn’t all that matters. The choice of door furniture can also affect your overall style. This is why we offer a comprehensive selection of hardware. In fact, we offer standard, as well as painted heritage, premium heritage, and contemporary hardware.

Brilliant Colour Selection

When you buy a door for its colour, you would want the colour to last. If it fades, or peels, it ruins the look of your fitting. This is why we ensure that your doors have durable surfaces. We offer doors with two layers of water-based colour, two undercoats, with a microporous primer or topcoat. The topcoat acts as a sealant over your paint and retains the vibrancy of the colour.

Fire Safety Doors

For complete protection of your family and home, we offer fire door variants f timber doors. Depending on what you want, they can shield you against flames for 30 to 60 minutes.

Slab Thickness Options

In order to give you better choice and control over your timber doors, we offer doors in two slab thicknesses. As a result, you can choose from a 44mm door slab or a 54mm one. This way, your doors are perfectly in line with what you and your Leeds home needs.

Complete Peace of Mind with Our Timber Doors

As part of our customer satisfaction effort, we help you with every aspect of your home improvement needs. We give you advice and help you find the perfect product for you. Moreover, we install them perfectly and efficiently, so you can enjoy it for years. This is how we have built up our reputation for excellence.

However, we don’t stop with selling you a brilliant product and installing it proficiently. Our business goes beyond that as well. We give you excellent post-sale service on all products and installations, including a 10 year guarantee. What’s more, we will quickly come and fix any problem you may have with either our timber doors or their installation.

Timber Door Prices in Leeds

We offer extremely cost-effective timber door prices in Leeds. You get great performance and stunning looks, with superb installation, for a very reasonable amount.

If you want to know how much your timber doors price will be, you can use our online calculation system for an instant quote.

However, if you need help or advice in selecting the right product, get in touch with us. We shall share our expertise and experience with you to help you make the right choice!

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