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Double Glazing Bradford

Bi-Fold Doors Bradford

A Tidy Solution to Space Problem for Your Bradford Home

Solve the Space Problems in Your Bradford Home with Bi-Fold Doors

Bi-fold doors are ideal for homes that need large openings in a limited space. These doors fold away into panels, giving you an unobstructed opening. These cleverly functional doors are available in uPVC from Profile 22 and aluminium, giving you a choice of materials.

Pick from the stunning range of colours, and personalise your doors to suit your design expression and the needs of your home. Whether you want slimline aluminium frames or a traditional look with uPVC, you can find it all with us here at Kingfisher.

Bi-Fold Doors Bradford

Bi-Fold Doors in Bradford

Choice of Material

Our bi-fold doors come in both uPVC and Aluminium, giving you the complete freedom to choose exactly what you want. Slim and modern aluminium gives excellent durability, while uPVC frames with wooden finish are excellent at mimicking traditional wooden doors.

Easy Accessibility

The wide opening of bi-fold doors makes them ideal for houses that wish to offer accessibility. When combined with low thresholds, these doors become extremely easily navigated for wheelchairs and pushchairs.

Excellent Space Management

Bi-fold doors, as their name reveals, fold up discreetly on the side, giving you the entire opening to use. They are give you the freedom to use every bit of floor space as you don’t have to worry about leaving space for the door to open.

Slim Bi-Fold Doors of Aluminium

While both uPVC and aluminium bi-fold doors are high performing and secure, aluminium gives you the additional benefit of an amazingly slim profile. These frames allow you to have greater visibility with more glass, for an uninterrupted view.

The aluminium bi-fold doors are lightweight and easy to operate. They also offer a vast range of colour options, making them a great choice for your Bradford home. Their excellent heat retention and security makes them a bargain for the price they come at.

Bi-Fold Doors Bradford

Durable Bi-Fold Doors in Bradford

Keeping in line with our quality assurance, our bi-fold doors are built to last. They are available in strong and sturdy materials that need very little care, and yet keep performing for years. As little as a simple wipe down will keep them looking bright and as good as new.

In case you were wondering, it’s not just the appearance that lasts. The doors we offer have been built, and installed, to give you the best performance and functionality for a minimum of 10 years. In fact, our aluminium bi-fold doors can even last you over 40 years, with no significant performance loss.

Widest Apertures with Bi-Fold Doors

There is no other door style that will give you a wider aperture than bi-fold doors. These fantastic doors give you up to 90% of the door opening, making them great for dividing up a large room into two, or giving you a door that opens up your room completely into your garden.

Brilliant Colour Options

The colour options available in our bi-fold doors are stunning, to say the least. The best part is that these colours don’t fade away in the sun, or chip and flake. They continue to look bright and vibrant for years, needing just a surface wipe for maintenance.

Surprisingly Easy-Maintenance

The materials we offer for our bi-fold doors are very easy to maintain in spite of their high performance. Unlike wooden doors, which need sanding, polishing, and painting, these doors give the same functionality with zero hard work.

Superb Heat Efficiency

Our doors offer superior heat efficiency and weatherproofing to give you a warm and toasty home. The frames are tightly insulated, thereby retaining the heat inside and keeping out water, draughts, and even noise!

Bi-Fold Doors Bradford

Bi-Fold Doors with Kingfisher’s Quality Assurance

We at Kingfisher strongly believe in making our customers happy. We do this by providing superior quality in both our products and installation services. Our effort is to give you a smooth and easy journey from the time you come to us till your doors are installed in your home.

Our process begins by doing an intensive technical assessment of your requirements. This is used to help you select and personalise the bi-fold doors you want. Once your doors are delivered, our expert team works hard to install them in accordance with stringent standards and in as little time as possible.

Bi-Fold Door Prices in Bradford

You will not get a better value for bi-fold door prices in Bradford. We guarantee you high quality products at amazing rates.

To learn more about the range of designs and colours we offer, contact us and we shall help you pick the door of your dreams.

If you want to get a price for the specifications you have in mind, you can also use our online calculation system. This nifty tool allows you to enter your requirements and it instantly generates your personalised quote for you!

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