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Windows provide buildings with light, ventilation and views of the outside world. Like doors, windows have existed for centuries. The earliest dated windows, around 100AD were openings in walls, later covered with cloth or wood. It wasn’t until a million years later that transparent glass became widely available.

Today, architects are constantly confronted with the challenge of how to design them in new, interesting, and innovative ways.

Here are a few of our favourites.

1. RoomRoom by Takeshi Hosaka Architects, Tokyo

Image credit This house in Tokyo designed by Takeshi Hosaka, allows its owners, who both have impaired hearing, to communicate with their children by sign language wherever they are in the building.

2. Astley Castle renovation by Witherford Watson Mann, UK

Image credit Recently restored Astley Castle, a prize winning 12th century Castle in the UK incorporates new, large windows into its medieval shell, which offer layered views across the landscape.

3. ‘Horizontal House’ by EASTERN design office, Shiga, Japan

These deliberately small ribbon windows wrap round much of this House in Shiga, Japan, giving its occupants continuous views of the surrounding village.

4. House Between Two Yards by Pitsou Kedem, Israel

This house in Israel created by architects Pitsou Kedem and Nurit ben Yosef plays on the duality of windows – embracing the outdoors when open or provide total privacy with huge shutters.

5. 42 Rue du Rhone by Sheppard Robson, Geneva, Switzerland

Image credit This purpose built building incorporating shops and offices in Geneva, has an underfacing façade made of translucent cladding that doubles as windows.

6. Sugamo Shinkin Bank, Tokiwadai Branch / Emmanuelle Moureaux Architecture + Design, Tokyo

Image credit These multi colored, whimsical windows from architect Emmanuelle in Tokiwadai, Tokyo are designed to present a friendly, welcoming face to customers.

7. La Fabrique by Bureau A, Geneva, Switzerland

This garden pavilion, later called La Fabrique was designed by Swiss architects Bureau A for a family based near Geneva. It is artistically made out of a collage of recycled windows. Windows may appear to offer limited opportunities for creativity, yet to many architects they open doors for endless experimentation.   Based in Morley, near Leeds, we're ideally located to serve customers across North Yorkshire, South Yorkshire and West Yorkshire.

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