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Be it a new build or a much needed renovation project, choosing the right windows for a home is a decision worth taking time over. From a subtle frame of light for your porch or a grandiose wall of glass, windows have a huge impact on the way our homes look and feel. Since its birth in Ancient Rome the window has been through a varied evolution, and the boundaries of contemporary design continue to expand towards breath-taking new creations and styles – the variety and skill in the manufacture of windows has never been better. Frames The structure of a window is the most important factor to consider when renovating an old property, replacing existing windows, or installing during a new build. The frames required are more often than not dependent on the architectural structure of the building itself and not just for aesthetic reasons. uPVC/Vinyl  Known for being the Jack of all trades of the windowing world; cost effective, durable, versatile, extremely low maintenance, varied, and installed efficiently. Adding to the long list of capabilities, modern vinyl frames don’t suffer as much as previous vinyl frames in excessive hot or cold climates. Where before the material had a tendency to expand or shrink depending on the climate, vinyl frames now boast a more robust and dependable structure. Aluminium Aluminium, a lot like fiberglass, is favoured as an ideal material for contemporary modern designs and styles due to its high strength to size ratio. Aluminium can hold considerable weight on its thin holdings, allowing a wider view point. Styles and Types The options of styles and functions within modern window design allow for greater diversity when it comes to applying the aforementioned to a property. Windows have certain functions and limitations that make them both ideal and inappropriate when placed in certain areas of the architectural structure of a property; bay windows won’t hold the privacy of a bathroom as effectively as Jalousie windows, for example. Functionality often overrules style, but with modern designs a middle ground between the two can be obtainable - a combination of styles can achieve this happy medium. Single and double hung Evoking images of the quintessential English sash design, the single/double hung style is a simple but popular design. With the single hung style only the bottom panel slides vertically – the top remains permanently fixed. The double hung design allows for both the bottom and top panel to slide vertically, allowing for more or less ventilation. Horizontal sliding This design is common in contemporary architecture and favoured over the often cumbersome crank-based awnings. The air circulation, similar to the single/double hung design, is ample. The functionality and compactness of this design makes it ideal for kitchen, bedroom or bathroom fittings. Casement Casement windows open out from side hinges, providing an abundance of ventilation. Many can be operated with a push, but some also have crank systems. This style is perfect for a kitchen, where efficient ventilation is often required. Picture Picture windows are permanent fixtures and used when ventilation or functionality aren’t required. They allow an uninterrupted ‘picture’, hence the name, of a particular view they frame. Combining picture windows with operable awnings or casement’s for example will allow both ventilation and an unbroken field of view. Garden Garden windows act as mini greenhouses that extend out externally from a fitting. Two small side vents provide a constant airflow so any plants you decide to fill the space with have plenty of room to breathe. Garden windows bring a little bit of nature into a home or office space, and act as naturalistic decoration for a bathroom or kitchen.  Jalousie Jalousie windows are made up of a series of operable horizontal slats called ‘louvres’. They are ideal for porches, bathrooms or for properties in in a region prone to mild or tepid winters. Cedar louvres can be installed aside from glass for more tropical climates. Skylights Skylight windows are a popular installation for loft conversions or a room with slanted ceilings. They provide both lighting, allowing natural light to flood a room, and ventilation, providing ample breeze on summer days. Skylights have actually been found to aid heating an attic room during winter months because they catch a lot of the sun. Bay Bay windows are a sequence of three or more panels that protrude from the structure of a wall, creating a spacious feel to a room and property. Paired with awnings for ventilation as well as style, bay windows are a bold and enviable addition to a property. Arch or radius Radius, or arch, windows are a favoured contemporary design in both traditional and modern styled properties. They can be manufactured to any size or shape, be it tall or wide, and many manufacturers provide operable additions to their collection of arch designs. This style is a charming and refined addition to a property.

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