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Aluminium windows – what you need to know

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Aluminium windows – what you need to know

If you’ve been looking for replacement home improvements, you may have heard of aluminium windows – the latest material to gain popularity for use in homes.

Are you aware of the benefits that they can bring to the inside and outside of your home?

If you need reminding, here are five things you need to know about aluminium windows.

1. They’re almost unrecognisable from their older counterparts

In the previous century, aluminium windows tended to only be used in large structures, such as offices, schools and public service buildings. This meant that quality was often compromised, and quantity on a low budget was the priority.

Fast forward to today, and aluminium windows are a great choice for residential use. They can enhance homes in a number of ways, and are suitable for homes old and new. It is no surprise that 2015 saw a huge increase in demand for aluminium home improvements, such as slide and swing, and bi-folding doors.

2. They won’t break the bank

It is a common misconception that the latest home improvements always come with hefty price tags. Fortunately, reputable home improvement companies will offer products such as aluminium windows at the fairest price possible.

With many companies’ successes being based on customer recommendations and word of mouth, they want to tempt customers like you with good prices, and genuinely offer you home improvements that will make a difference – rather than offering false promises!

3. They’re seriously strong

The beauty of aluminium windows is that they are very strong. This means that even thinner frames can hold large panels of glass. This is great news for all homes – whether your windows are a standard size, or you are in need or larger bespoke configurations.

More strength and less frame means better views. Your exterior view won’t be ruined by any bulky features. Finally, you will be able to watch the world go by through high performance glass, without worrying about obstructions, misting or condensation.

4. They keep the heat in

Modern aluminium windows tend to come with polyamide thermal breaks. Don’t worry if you’re not down with the lingo! This simply means that there is a larger gap between the glazing panels, which effectively traps heat.

In turn, when your heating gets turned up inside, it won’t escape! This is also great news for energy bills as they may be reduced substantially, especially if you are updating single glazed windows.

5. They can be customised

Aluminium windows can be finished in almost any colour. Using powder coating, your personal taste can be reflected – whether that means bolder, pastel or even metallic shades!

Modern powder coating creates a highly durable finish on coloured windows. They will be weatherproof, scratchproof and look fantastic – all without needing any more maintenance than a simple wipe over!

If you like the sound of these benefits, why not explore Kingfisher’s range of aluminium windows? Based in Drighlington, we offer our efficient home improvement service across North and West Yorkshire, and beyond!

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