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Suited for a comprehensive range of projects, we can offer our high quality products for all commercial needs.

With our wide range of glass options, it’s easy to finish your windows in a way that is perfectly matched to your taste or needs.

This blog takes you through a sample of the glass options that we offer and how they can benefit you and your home.

Glass options to suit properties across Yorkshire


Ideal for those who want as little window maintenance as possible, self-cleaning glass utilises a special coating that works to break down dirt. It is then more easily washed away by rain – meaning you can just sit back and relax!

Solar control

For optimum inside temperatures, solar control glass is the perfect innovation. Solar control glass works in two ways: it allows sunlight to pass through, but reflects away a large amount of the sun’s heat.

This is particularly useful for conservatories and orangeries – solar control glass creates light and airy spaces, and stops them becoming too stuffy. This means rooms can be enjoyed all year round.

Obscure and Patterned

Ideal for bathrooms, living spaces that look on to neighbours, or simply for a creative splash - we offer a range of patterned and obscure glass options, whether based on our privacy scale or stylish designs.


For enhanced security and durability, our toughened glass options are the ideal solution. Benefit from increased strength and fewer risks from burglars and footballs!

Double & Triple Glazing

It is amazing the difference just one additional layer of glass can make for thermal and acoustic insulation. Double glazing makes your home warmer, quieter and more aesthetically pleasing.

It is clear to see how an extra layer of glass can offer even more benefits. Triple glazing is ideal for homes wanting to maximise their energy efficiency, sound insulation and value.


Give your home a touch of elegance and creativity. Incorporate bespoke stained glass designs into your home – modern designs look good but also enhance thermal performance too.

Kingfisher can also encapsulate existing stained glass units for your convenience.


Take creative control of your home improvements by choosing from a range of different accessories.

Make your windows stand out from your neighbours’ by opting for leaded glazing bars (in antique or silver), Georgian bars, and a range of other stylish additions.

Windows that reflect your personality

With Kingfisher and our wide range of glass options, it is easy to create windows that are tailor-made for your taste.

Whether your priorities be maintenance, style or thermal performance, our glass options are the ideal solution to incorporate into any of our windows, and even our doors and conservatories. We serve the whole of Yorkshire so if you live in Leeds, Rotherham, Skipton then do feel free to give us a call on 0800 58 59 45, or find out more about our double glazing services in Leeds.

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