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Eon, SSE, British Gas, Npower, Scottish Power and EDF have all confirmed price rises this winter and with the colder weather we’ve been having recently many homeowners are tempted to stay in and turn up the heating. According to the Energy Saving Trust the average UK household is wasting £270 each year by not making better use of their energy efficiency which adds up £7.2bn for the entire country. So, what can you do to reduce your waste and save money?

Insulate your loft

Although people have been told to insulate their lofts for years few have insulated them to the recommended standards. In years gone by only 4in (10cm) of loft insulation was applied to homes and experts now recommend that you should insulate your loft with 11in (27cm) of loft insulation. By insulating your loft to the new standards you can make potential savings of £175 per year.

Bite the bullet and change your boiler

Boilers account for as much as 60% of your energy spend each year so you could make an annual saving of £300 by switching from a G to an A rated boiler. A new A rated boiler will set you back in the region of £2,300 however, if your current boiler lacks the energy efficiency of newer models and is forever in need of repair then it might be wise to invest in a new one sooner rather than later.

Switch your supplier

One of the main reasons people decide against changing energy supplier is the hassle associated with doing so. Many people who have never switched supplier previously are currently on one of the most expensive tariffs and paying much more than they should be. When it comes to finding a new supplier it’s often worth looking beyond the bigger names as some of the lesser known ones provide the best value tariffs.

Turn down your thermostat

By turning down your thermostat as little as 1 degree you could save yourself as much as £55 per year. You can reduce your heating bills further by adding additional heating controls such as a room thermostat which can help you save an estimated £70 per year and by installing a water tank thermostat you can save yourself £30 each year.

Use energy saving light bulbs

If you replace every light bulb in your home with energy saving bulbs you can save as much as £55 during the bulb's lifetime. LED bulbs can last for as long as 25,000 hours where as traditional light bulbs last around 1,000 hours.

Cut draughts

Draughts caused by gaps in your windows, doors, fireplace or floorboards can cause your home to lose heat. By preventing heat escaping through these unwanted gaps you can save an estimated £55 per year. To ensure you're using the most energy efficiency products in your home The Energy Saving Trust provides a list of recommended household products that can help you reduce your energy waste and save money.

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