Kingfisher Windows’ Lead Time Update

Kingfisher Windows would like to update our customers on the current situation regarding lead times.

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Kingfisher Windows’ Lead Time Update

Since returning from lockdown on the 10th April, Kingfisher Windows has eased back to full strength in terms of staffing and production. Throughout the process, we have been able to communicate with our customers during the uncertainty.

As many are aware, we are experiencing some issues with supply which have continued to persist over the past few weeks. This may, unfortunately, affect our performance in the short-term. Demand across the construction industry has stored up during lockdown and now measures have eased, it has caused a high demand for production. This is not only affecting the supply of product but the lead times to get a product.

The Kingfisher supply chain is made up of long-standing relationships with very large well-established companies, and we are a priority customer with all of them. Throughout lockdown and post-lockdown, our team has been in constant dialogue regarding supply. Despite all this, suppliers did not predict the massive upsurge in demand combined with a lack of production during their own lockdown.

Lead times on our products has increased. This is to ensure we can still offer our customers industry-leading products. Our team will be on-hand to answer any questions customers may have relating to orders and will continue to provide a high level of customer service.

We recognise that this is an inconvenience on top of everything else. However, this is another indirect result of the pandemic which is entirely out of our control. We have explored and continue to explore alternative sources of supply but find this is an industry-wide issue. We feel we have more influence with long-standing relationships that we would with new ones but we will continue to assess all avenues.

We will continue to update our customers with further updates as and when we have them. We appreciate your understanding and knowledge that we are doing everything we can to keep inconvenience to a minimum to satisfy all our customers.

If you’d like to find out more about your order, you can call our team on 01132 854 985 or fill out our online contact form.

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