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Modern conservatory living space with natural light When it comes to finding the perfect flooring for your conservatory there are two factors to consider; style and functionality. The two must coexist otherwise you’ll be left with a stunning floor that fails to meet the practical demands of the room or a highly practical floor that does little to enhance the overall appearance of the conservatory. Natural stone has a unique and beautiful character. Here's two to consider:

Marble is considered a premium choice of flooring and can add an element of luxury to your conservatory. Famous for its elegant, classical look and feel marble can significantly enhance the appearance of any room and would be ideal choice for a conservatory that will be used for entertaining friends and family. At an average cost of £60.00 per square metre, marble is as you would expect a high end option but if it’s within your budget the results can be stunning.

Granite is an incredibly dense material, highly durable, and virtually impervious to liquids. When it comes to the appearance granite is known for its great depth and clarity of colour and when polished can produce a high gloss finish. Due to its incredibly hard-wearing nature, granite lends itself well to a contemporary conservatory that will experience a lot of use. Granite is a less expensive alternative to marble, with an average price of £40.00 per square metre. If you’re attracted to the qualities of marble and granite but neither is within your budget, ceramic titles may just be the answer. Advanced inkjet technologies can be used to create the impression of marble titles at a fraction of the cost. Ceramic is the flooring of choice for those who wish to create a truly individual look thanks to the vast range of colours and patterns available and at as little as £10.00 per square metre you won’t have to break the bank to achieve the desired look. Real wood flooring brings a natural, elegant and warming embrace to any home. Here’s three to consider: Oak is famed for the beauty of its grains, the depth of its texture and the richness of its colours. An oak floor provides an unrivalled natural appearance and due to the different number of species throughout the world you can find a colour that will suite your own individual tastes for an average price of £45.00 per square meter. Bamboo flooring has increased in popularity in recent years as more and people become aware of its ecological properties. Bamboo is harvested at a maturity level of five years, unlike hardwood which is harvested from trees which are decades old. Bamboo has good resistant qualities, is considered one of the most durable types of flooring available and will set you back an average of £25.00 per square metre. Cork is a warm, enriching and alternative method to the traditional ways of flooring your conservatory. Cork is a natural insulator, never loses its shape, always retains its elasticity and provides a soft and warm floor with which to walk on and at an average price of £15.00 per square meter provides good value for money. All six different types of flooring have their own unique values and will perform equally well in the right conservatory. Whether you desire the depth of colour provided by granite or the natural feel of oak, consideration should be given to what works best for you and your conservatory.

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