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Patio Back Doors Wetherby

Patio Doors Halifax

Enhance Your Living Space with These Gorgeous Products

Enhance Your Halifax Home with Our Patio Doors

Patio doors offer a stunning way to showcase your garden or beautiful outdoors. They can replace a wall and act like large windows, with a vast glazed area. Moreover, the subsequent gorgeous views aren’t cut up by window panels. As a result, you can show off the whole of your property at all times.

In fact, our uPVC and aluminium patio doors are designed specifically to give you a panoramic view of the outside. These doors don’t have unnecessary obstructions getting in the way. As a result, you get clear sightlines and glorious natural lighting.

Patio Doors Halifax

Aluminium Patio Doors

Enhanced Sunlight

We offer large patio doors that give you more of a glazed area. As a result, you can enjoy additional light in your home. This not only makes your property brighter, it also makes it seem to appear bigger. Thus, you get not only a gorgeous view but also brightly-lit rooms.

Sleek Designs

Since aluminium is such a strong material, our aluminium patio doors can afford to have extremely narrow frames. This means that you get more glass than solid profiles. As a result, you get more sunlight, better visibility, and most importantly, stunningly sleek doors.


The nature of aluminium makes our aluminium patio doors resilient and durable. They are immensely strong, and don’t corrode easily. As a result, your home gets doors that last for years with no visible degradation. In fact, these amazing products can easily last you 40 years!

uPVC Materials

Our collection of uPVC patio doors is brought to you by leading manufacturers like Profile 22. These doors are beautifully designed to give you superior performance. Moreover, they come in a spectrum of colours. As a result, you can tailor them to give you the look you want for your home.

Part of their exceptional performance involves high energy efficiency. These doors are great at keeping heat trapped behind thermal barriers, leading to a warmer home. They also effectively keep the weather out, due to our efficient installation. In addition to the weather, these doors also keep out intruders with their high strength and powerful fittings.

Profile 22 – Bubblex gasket Video


Our sliding patio doors effectively take care of two of your main concerns. They offer excellent visibility to give you great views. They also help you maximise your space thanks to their unique sliding function. As a result, you don’t need to have a clear swing arc, giving you more floor space to use.

These are great doors to have in areas where you are constrained by space.  As a result, they serve exceptionally well as balcony doors or doors leading out into the garden. Since our patio doors slide away to one side, you never have to worry about them taking up excessive space or slamming shut.

Stunning Colour Selection

With both uPVC and aluminium, you get patio doors that are available in a range of beautifully vibrant colours. In fact, we offer such a vast selection of colours and finishes that you can even get doors that mimic authentic wooden materials!


Highly Secure

Kingfisher guarantee a high-quality installation. As a result of this, your patio doors are specifically designed to resist break-in attempts. We fit them with multi-point locks for greater security, as well as hardware that is difficult to dismantle. With their strong frames, our double glazing works day and night to keep your home safe from intruders.

uPVC Patio Doors Halifax

Unbeatable Service with Kingfisher Patio Doors

With Kingfisher, you can be sure of high quality. We give you not only the best products but also the stringent standards of modern installations. Moreover, we continue to provide you with a high-quality service even after the fitting day. As a result, if you are not satisfied with any aspect of your patio doors or their performance, we’ll fix it for you.

This degree of customer service is just one of many reasons why we have earned our loyal consumer base. What’s more, we treat all homeowners as family and strive to give you our best service at all times. While our products and service are quite impeccable, we offer a 10-year performance guarantee on all our products for additional peace of mind.

Patio Door Prices in Halifax

Our patio door prices give local homeowners a fine product at a competitive rate. We can assure you that you will get years of great quality service out of them.

If you want to find out more about our patio door prices or the products themselves, simply contact us. We will help you make the best possible choice.

For a quick patio doors quote, you can even use our online calculation system. This is a tool that lets you enter your requirements. Then, it calculates and presents your price estimate to you in minutes!

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