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uPVC windows Doncaster

uPVC Windows Doncaster

Kingfisher Windows has been installing quality uPVC Windows in homes across Doncaster and South Yorkshire for nearly 30-years. Whatever style of property, we will have a perfect fitting window for you. Contact us today to find out how we can improve your home with our uPVC windows.

Modern uPVC for Your South Yorkshire Home

Kingfisher Windows is proud to supply and install a wide variety of quality uPVC windows in homes across Doncaster and South Yorkshire. Whether your property is modern, traditional, contemporary, period, heritage, new build, terraced, bungalow, we have a window that will enhance your property.

We currently offer the following uPVC windows for your Doncaster home:

Double Glazing Windows Doncaster

uPVC Casement Window

The uPVC Casement Window is a popular choice amongst the Doncaster homeowner. Each of these uPVC windows has been designed and manufactured to the specific requirements of one your South Yorkshire home, giving you a truly bespoke window. As we use the Profile 22 Optima design, you can enjoy a thermally efficient window that will trap heat within your property, providing a comfortable temperature in your home year-round, even in the coldest of Doncaster winters. Cold draughts and damp will be problems of the past thanks to the weatherproofing capabilities of this window.

uPVC French Casement Window

If you’re looking to add a touch of France to your Doncaster home, then look no further than our French Casement Windows. This simple and modern window uses a mechanism similar to French Doors, with these uPVC windows opening outwards to a 90-degree angle and not disrupted by a central bar. This means you can enjoy an excellent amount of ventilation in your home.

PVC Window Doncaster
uPVC windows and doors Pontefract

uPVC Tilt & Turn Window

The uPVC Tilt and Turn Window offer the Doncaster homeowner a very practical and flexible window. The innovative mechanisms within the window allow it to open from the side and the top, offering a variety of benefits to your South Yorkshire home. These uPVC windows maximise ventilation, light and security, giving you the best possible window experience.

uPVC Flush Casement Window

The uPVC Flush Casement Window will add more character to your Doncaster home, with its classic appearance perfect for replacing old timber or steel windows at traditional properties. These uPVC windows feature a casement that closes flush against the frame, providing clean sightlines and a minimalist feel. Despite looking like a timber window, you won’t be blighted by any of the high-maintenance issues that affected timber.

uPVC Georgian Windows

The uPVC Georgian Window is a great replacement for timber or steel windows in your Doncaster home. The characteristic bars on these uPVC windows recall the classic architecture of the Georgian period, offering an authentic feel to your property without any of the high maintenance hassles of timber. Designed using Profile 22’s Optima uPVC windows range, you’ll enjoy better levels of thermal efficiency, security and weatherproofing than timber could ever provide, making this a great window for period South Yorkshire properties.

uPVC Sash windows Doncaster
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uPVC Flush Tilt & Turn Window

The flush tilt and turn window allows you to enjoy the practicality of the tilt and turn style with the added benefits of a traditional-looking window. The flush design perfectly captures the aesthetics of traditional timber, with the sash sitting flush in the frame, creating a clean and neat finish. These uPVC windows are perfect for apartment buildings in built-up areas, letting you ventilate your Doncaster home without compromising on security.

Fully Reversible Windows

The fully reversible window is a practical addition to any Doncaster home. Able to turn on a 360-degree angle, these windows provide simple, easy cleaning of the window exterior. A perfect addition to high-rise buildings, these uPVC windows are also suited for upstairs windows where access to the window exterior can prove difficult.

uPVC Sliding Sash Windows

We use the Roseview uPVC Windows profile to manufacture our sliding sash windows to give our Doncaster customers a traditional-looking window that provides a modern performance. The unique opening method offers increased ventilation and light for your South Yorkshire home. By choosing a sliding sash window, you can have a classically aesthetic, long-lasting window that will save you money on your energy bills.

uPVC Windows Prices Doncaster
Cheap uPVC Windows Doncaster

uPVC Bow & Bay Windows

The uPVC Bow & Bay Window is a cost-effective way to add some character to your Doncaster home. This window will brighten-up your property, creating a generous amount of space and raising your home’s kerb value. Using the Profile 22 range, you’ll enjoy a window with excellent levels of thermal efficiency, weatherproofing and security.


uPVC Window Prices Doncaster

If you’re looking to install a uPVC Window in your Doncaster home or you would like to discuss another double glazing product, then don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can contact our team today on 01132 854 985 to find out more about the double glazing products we offer, or you can fill out our online contact form.

For those who know which of our uPVC windows they’d like us to install, then why not fill out our online quote. This will provide you with a bespoke estimate of how much our services will cost you and there is no obligation for you to follow it up.

We also have a showroom if you’d rather view our uPVC windows face-to-face. Book an appointment today.

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