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Enhancing Your South Yorkshire Home

Our uPVC Window and double glazing range has been popular with homeowners across South Yorkshire, with Kingfisher Windows building a reputation for quality that fits every style of home. We create our windows to fit every property style. We offer designs that complement modern, period, contemporary and heritage homes.

The majority of our uPVC Window range has been manufactured with the Profile 22 Optima system. This system is renowned for offering improved security, thermal efficiency, weatherproofing, soundproofing and more.

By using a modern uPVC profile, we can offer a low maintenance window only requires the occasional wipe with a damp cloth to maintain the good-as-new look.

These are the uPVC Windows we fit in South Yorkshire homes:

uPVC Casement Window

The uPVC Casement Window is one of the most installed windows in homes across South Yorkshire, with the customisable design making it popular with homeowners.

By using the Profile 22 Optima System, we can offer a window that will keep your home warmer throughout the year. The multi-chambered profile traps warm air in your home, giving you comfortable temperatures during the year, even in the winter months.

Unlike traditional timber windows, the uPVC profile isn’t affected by the same high-maintenance issues, and won’t bow, warp, crack, twist, fade or discolour following prolonged exposure to the elements. Damps and cold draughts will not compromise the comfort of your home.

The casement window is fitted with a central Eurogroove to provide extra rigidity. This window has been built to Secured by Design standards, fitted with multi-point locking and stainless steel hinges. Your home will be well protected against modern burglary methods. The addition of optional triple glazing can improve your home’s security and thermal efficiency.

uPVC French Casement Window

The French Casement Window provides the South Yorkshire homeowner with panoramic views of the outside year-round as it is designed with no central mullion.

This window is similar to our French Doors and opens outward to a 90-degree angle.

Although you’ll enjoy extra ventilation, the general security of your property won’t be compromised, with multi-point locking fitted across the whole of the frame.

Your home will be flooded with more natural daylight and you may feel there is more space.

uPVC Tilt & Turn Window

The uPVC Tilt and Turn Window is perfect for homeowners living in apartments in busy town-centre locations. The window tilts inwards providing more ventilation and opens from the side and the top.

By getting this window improved, you can flood your property with natural daylight without compromising on security.

The soundproofing capabilities of this window makes it perfect for busy city-centre locations, as it keeps out loud noises and is easy to clean.

uPVC Flush Casement Window

The uPVC Flush Casement Window replicates the classic characteristics of timber windows but doesn’t offer the same high-maintenance issues.

This window closes flush against the frame, providing clean sightlines and a minimalist feel.

Unlike timber, this window won’t warp, bow, crack, twist, rot or fade following prolonged exposure to the changeable South Yorkshire weather. All you’re required to do to keep these windows looking good-as-new in your South Yorkshire home is give them an occasional wipe with a damp cloth.

uPVC Georgian Windows

The uPVC Georgian Window provides the South Yorkshire homeowner with a window full of character. This window is decorated with Georgian bars, a characteristic of the Georgian period, giving you an authentic-looking window with modern benefits.

As we use a uPVC profile instead of timber, you won’t need to carry out any high-maintenance tasks to maintain its quality. The Optima system offers improved thermal efficiency, security and weatherproofing.

Although this window is made from uPVC, you don’t have to compromise on the classic aesthetics.

uPVC Flush Tilt & Turn Window

The Flush Tilt and Turn Window offers the South Yorkshire homeowner the practicality of the tilt and turn design but the classical look of a flush casement window. This window features a sash that sits flush in the frame, offering a clean finish.

Perfect for apartment buildings, this window will keep harsh noises outside of your home, letting you ventilate your property without compromising on the general security.

Fully Reversible Windows

The fully reversible window is similar to a tilt and turn window and turns on a 360-degree angle. This makes the exterior of the window easy to clean from the inside.

A great addition for those living in high-rise buildings, these windows are also suited for out-of-reach windows where access can prove difficult.

uPVC Sliding Sash Windows

We manufacture our Sliding Sash Window with the Rosewood Windows profile. This allows us to produce a window that looks traditional but provides the South Yorkshire homeowner with a modern performance.

The unique opening method of the window allows you to ventilate your property, without putting your home’s security at risk.

Though this window has been made to mimic the looks of classic timber windows, you’ll enjoy all the benefits of modern uPVC, such as improved thermal efficiency. The profile of this window traps in heat for longer, giving you a comfortable temperature throughout the year. This leads to a lower energy bill and a reduced carbon footprint for your home.

uPVC Bow & Bay Windows

The uPVC Bow & Bay Window is a great way of adding more space to your South Yorkshire home. The slim panes allow for a larger glazing area, letting natural light flood into your home. This window will add character to your property, increasing its kerb value.

The Profile 22 system we use offers improved security, lower energy bills, weatherproofing and more. This window is fully customisable, available in a variety of colours. We can also incorporate our Casement or Tilt & Turn windows into this design.

Quality Guaranteed

South Yorkshire homeowners will continue to receive an excellent level of customer service following the installation of their uPVC Windows. Kingfisher Windows offers a comprehensive 10-year insurance-backed guarantee with all our uPVC Windows, glass units, handles and hinges, giving you complete confidence to choose Kingfisher for an installation.

uPVC Window Prices South Yorkshire

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